#OpIlluminatusPiedPiper – Sprayed daily from a white plane with a chemical which blocks out the sun & causes white outs, makes the weather erratic, causes head aches, nervous system agitation, increased allergies, muscle & bone aches


To any long term followers of this blog who know what I’ve been saying, please be aware I’m being sprayed daily from a white plane with a chemical which blocks out the sun & causes white outs, makes the weather erratic, causes head aches, tiredness, nervous system agitation, increased allergies, muscle & bone aches as well as other symptoms. If I happen to acquire a life threatening disease through continuous spraying I will release my name and a photograph of who I am. The spraying was scattered but has increased ten fold in recent days to almost continuous. For the past week the sun has been blocked out, we have had two full days of white out after being sprayed. The sky is left with a thin veil of what looks like dirty grey cloud which appear different from the surrounding natural cloud. At times I feel an increase in forgetfulness, my mind at times is feeling clouded. My area of residence is Fluoridated as well as receiving continuous spraying from above.

Please take a copy of this post and print it off kept in a safe place just in case something happens. The intelligence services and government are out of control, they are religiously and politically extreme social engineers, they are targeting their own citizens on multiple levels from paedophilia, to chemical testing, to increasing the probability of deadly disease through the water, food and other methodologies. Most people are oblivious to the seriousness of the problem, they have no military background, therefore do not understand the seriousness of war.

The governments under the rule of Queen Elizabeth have been and still are involved in genocide, mass graves of children have been found in multiple countries under Queen Elizabeths rule, she is responsible. The Queen is in breach of her coronation oath, she is being protected by Freemasons in the police and intelligence services who have pledged allegiance to her over the people. It matters not who is in government or what party they are part of, if they are Freemasons they pledge allegiance to Queen Elizabeth. Freemasonry is a global organization, even countries she doesn’t own are still ruled by her and her Freemason minions. Once you understand they are worshiping Lucifer under different names things start to fit into place, Lucifer worship is intellectual, some times you have to go back and dig deep, the connection is there.

The Freemasons control the government, the police, the intelligence services, the military, religious organizations, the education system to give examples, funded by the public, we are essentially paying for our own genocide. Instead of pushing to get a growing population off the planet out into space, the management has been wasting the public tax money to fund their own agenda and lifestyle. They are then saying we must depopulate before things become unsustainable. This is all one big lie, basically we have delusional psychopath sadistic religiously extreme bad management who think they are good at their job when they are not. They have a warped view of the world and see the public as useless eaters which is Nazi terminology, as a resource to be exploited, it is because of their actions why people are suffering. Over generations they have dumbed down the public to make them easier to exploit, think of it like the Lion stalking its prey in the wild.

The intelligence services are using scientific methodology against us, they have a hand in every pie. People do what they are told even if they know it is wrong, the “Milgram experiment on obedience to authority figures was a series of social psychology experiments conducted by Yale University psychologist Stanley Milgram. They measured the willingness of study participants to obey an authority figure who instructed them to perform acts conflicting with their personal conscience“. The intelligence services in multiple countries are working together against the public, they are destroying peoples credibility by creating self destructive stories, making people over react using scientific agitation and much much more.

The media is controlled by the intelligence services, journalists are being paid to discredit and influence people, they are easy to spot, the ones who argue against the obvious, the ones doing the hand signs, the one calling people conspiracy theorists. Everything is driven by religion, everything. Social science & engineering, herd mentality and regimenting the public mind allows large groups of people to be steered with a degree of probability of an outcome, although a gradient scale of error exists due to human randomness. We live in a society where majority rules, sadly because of the dumbing down process, the majority lack some sort of education which teaches them to think for themselves. If you steer the majority you control society.

This post may sound paranoid to some who know not the journey I have been on, Google have destroyed thousands of hours of research collected over 6 years 9 times into paedophilia in the British and American government, royal family and intelligence services. This blog is a small amount of what I have been putting out, I have been on this journey for 6 years, I have been gang stalked and targeted the whole time.


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