#OpTellTale – Sheep found slaughtered & brutally mutilated on farm to make spiral of blood in Satanic Lucifer worshippers ritual on Summer Solstice


Rare sheep slaughtered and dragged around to make sickening spiral of blood in Satanic ritual on Summer Solstice

  • A rare sheep has been found slaughtered and hacked to pieces on a farm
  • The sheep’s throat had been cut open and its back leg and ear hacked off
  • In a suspected Satanic ritual, its carcass was then dragged in circles
  • The brutal killing coincided with the cultist celebration of Summer Solstice
  • Its owner is convinced the killing was the work of devil worshippers

A rare sheep has been slaughtered and brutally mutilated in a suspected Satanic ritual coinciding with the Summer Solstice.

The horrified animal’s owner found the ewe hacked to pieces in a field – one ear and a back leg were torn off and its jugular vein cut.

Its body had been dragged around to leave an intricate bloody spiral on the grass in the remote Teign Valley on Dartmoor in Devon.

It was discovered on Midsummer’s Day morning by the farmer who is convinced it is the work of devil worshippers.


The attackers killed and mutilated the sheep then dragged it around the grass in a strange circular pattern

The attackers killed and mutilated the sheep then dragged it around the grass in a strange circular pattern

The chilling attack comes two months after the same farmer found the severed leg of a lamb on April 18 – the night of a full moon.

The farmer, who does not want to be named for fear of reprisals, said: ‘We get enough hassle with dogs worrying sheep – we don’t need devil worshippers as well.

‘It was on Sunday – the summer solstice – and we found the ewe around 10.30am. It had happened earlier that morning, I would say – the blood was still wet.

‘The back leg had been removed by somebody who knew exactly what they were doing. They cut around the muscle and the neck had been cut with what looked like a sharp knife.

‘The ear with the tag in had been removed. It was horrendous.’

The farmer found the bloody rare-breed whiteface Dartmoor sheep when she went out to check her flock of 100 ewes and 90 lambs.

The £80 ewe – which had a lamb – was killed and then dragged around the grass in a circular shapes before being dumped.

Police have recorded it as a case of ‘inflicting unnecessary suffering on an animal’ but wouldn’t speculate on whether it was a Satanic ritual killing.

There was no sign of any vehicle tracks in the field, but it is possible to reach the area on foot by climbing over a locked gate, or walking up the shallow river.

The farmer added: ‘She had a lamb, which I think will be okay, although it was quite distressed.

The horrible attack comes two months after the same farmer found the severed leg of a lamb in her field on the night of a full moon

The horrible attack comes two months after the same farmer found the severed leg of a lamb in her field on the night of a full moon

‘But the value of the ewe is really neither here nor there. It’s an animal that we have reared and cared for.’

The horrible attack comes two months after the same farmer found the severed leg of a lamb in her field on April 18 – the night of a full moon.

‘I didn’t think much of it, apart from being very annoyed at losing a lamb,’ she said.

‘Now, however, when I look back in my diary I see it was the full moon. It all seems to follow a pattern.’

John Stowers, of the Deer Initiative, who is familiar with dog and fox attacks on livestock, inspected the remains of the ewe and concluded it had not been attacked by an animal.

He said: ‘The animal had its jugular vein severed and has been dragged around in a circle.

‘There has been a lot of cruelty cases around the area.

‘Horses have been slashed and a goat had its hooves removed. Whoever is doing this is simply cruel. It is horrendous.’

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3139412/Rare-sheep-slaughtered-dragged-make-sickening-spiral-blood-Satanic-ritual-Summer-Solstice.html


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