#OpZion – The British Government & Testing on British Citizens – People have died because of Government decisions



This document is a brief introduction to British Government lies and misleading information to carry out deadly tests on members of the public against their consent, in breech of the Nuremberg Code, where British people have lost their lives. The British Government like in our past are allowing members of the British public to be sprayed from planes against their consent in violation of the Nuremberg Code because the test subjects should be fully briefed on what is to take place. This document will give 8 examples of the British Government and Journalists misleading the British public for a political or business agenda as reported by the media. The British people should be cautious about believing anything that comes out of the mouth of British politicians and some news outlets, learn from the past.

1939 to 1989 – Military Experiments

British Government scientists at Porton Down assured thousands of teenage servicemen who volunteered to be used as “guinea pigs” in military experiments they were “totally safe“, before being put through to a series of dangerous experiments where they were exposed to weapons now classed as weapons of mass destruction such has Sarin gas, anthrax and the Black Death. One volunteer, Ronald Maddison an RAF engineer from County Durham, after being assured that he was in no danger ended up dead after suffering a horrific painful death. In 2004 an inquest decided that he had been “unlawfully killed” by his own government. The tests carried out were in violation of the Nuremberg Code because the test subjects should be fully briefed on what is to take place.

1940 to 1979 – Cancer from planes

In the 1940’s through to 1979 the British Government allowed the releasing of dangerous chemicals and micro-organisms over large numbers of the population without the public being told which is in violation of the Nuremberg Code. Military personnel were briefed to tell any “inquisitive inquirer” the trials were part of research projects into weather and air pollution. Chemicals sprayed were known to cause lung cancer and during the Second World War was considered to be a chemical weapon.

1948 to 1982 – Britains Auschwitz

As many as 3,500 orphan children aged six and seven year old were tied to racks and given electric shocks, experimented upon and given lobotomies against their consent as part of a British Government testing programme which is in violation of the Nuremberg Code.

1952 – Bubonic Plague

In 1952, British Government scientists launched Operation Cauldron in the Outer Hebrides, aboard the HMS Ben Lomond, to test the potential of the bubonic plague as a weapon. The trawler Carella, with 18 crew members accidentally strayed into the test area. Instead of warning anyone on board or offering the crew treatment, scientists were ordered to monitor what happened and to track the trawler as it continued on course to Iceland, which is in violation of the Nuremberg Code. Upon their arrival the 18 crew were allowed to dock for days at Blackpool without any regard for public safety.

1960s – Plague Bacteria & London Underground

In 1963 the British Government allowed Porton Down scientists to release spores of a “plague-likeharmful virus on thousands of members of an unknowing British public on the London Underground. None of the London commuters were ever made aware of the experiment which is in violation of the Nuremberg Code. Under the false excuse of “national security”, the trial was kept secret.

1972 – Incapacitate The Human Brain

In 1972, 19 year old Airman Richard Skinner was given what was described as a “mild dose of anaesthetic“, before being given a drug known as T3436, designed as a means to incapacitate the human brain. In recorded video of the experiment, Skinner is seen talking to a fire extinguisher for more than four hours. To this day Skinner says the mind-altering experiment fundamentally changed his personality which is in violation of the Nuremberg Code because the test subjects should be fully briefed on what is to take place.

1980s – Freemason MP Cyril Smith & Asbestos

Cyril Smith was a Unitarian, a Christian theological movement and a Freemason of GCHQ Mercurius Masonic Lodge No. 7507, he was a Liberal Member of Parliament (MP) for Rochdale and a sadistic paedophile. He was a friend of the Queen mother, Jimmy Savile, Ted Heath and other known child abusers and murderers as well as Knighted by Queen Elizabeth II.

Smith was a close friend of Asbestos firm Turner & Newall, he would socialize with company bosses, they would attend his speeches in the House of Commons which they wrote, it is said he spent time wining and dining with them on several occasions.

Some of Smiths speeches were written by the Asbestos firm, in a letter to a Turner & Newall director Smith wrote “Could you please, within the next eight weeks, let me have the speech you would like to make (were you able to!), in that debate“. “Of course the speech was extremely useful to me because it made it sound as if I could speak intelligently on a subject I knew little about” Smith went on.

Smith was such a deceptive politician, not only did he sexually abuse multiple defenceless British children, he knowingly misled to the British public maintaining 4,000 deaths was a relatively low number of people to have lost their lives because of Asbestos. According to Smith “It’s not like, how can I put it, like flu and contagious“, “It wasn’t infections in the sense you can have a man and wife and one would have it and the other wouldn’t“. It is now known the partners of factory workers and tradesmen who worked with Asbestos do die, from inhaling the dust on the clothes or hair, so do members of the public. Asbestos-related diseases are incurable and claim at least 4,000 lives a year.

Smiths deception doesn’t just end there, he attempted to smear journalists who made a documentary regarding the dangers of Asbestos, knowing that members of the British public, including children, were losing their lives. Because of Smith, families were destroyed, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, went through a life time of hate, suffering and emotional pain. I suppose for Smith being the type of man he was, a psychopath and a sadist, he would not feel remorse for his actions and the suffering of others would of made him sexually aroused.

In 1982, Yorkshire Television which is now ITV Yorkshire, produced a documentary called “Alice – Fight for Life“, which uncovered an extensive corporate cover-up in the asbestos industry regarding cancer. The documentary was about a 47 year old British woman called Alice Jefferson, who developed a rare form of cancer known as malignant pleural mesothelioma, thirty years after working for Cape Insulations Acre Mill asbestos plant in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire.

At the time of the documentary sadistic paedophile Cyril Smith was the MP for Rochdale, Turner & Newall was the largest Asbestos company in Britain. According to documents seen by Rochdale Online, Smith and Turner & Newall tried to destroy the reputation of the documentary researchers and journalists post documentary broadcast.

The documents reportedly show;

  • Confidential intelligence reports on the private lives of the journalists connected to the documentary and meetings they attended“.
  • Smear tactics used by Smith for Turner and Newall against Yorkshire Television in Parliamentary speeches and at a Select Committee hearing against the “Yorkshire TV Ogre”“.
  • Cyril Smith sound bites (protected by Parliamentary Privilege) designed to undermine the television station in newspaper headlines. Smith accused the documentary makers of lying and demanded that Turner and Newall sue Yorkshire Television“.
  • An orchestrated and crude letter writing campaign in the local media attacking the documentary journalists and defending asbestos production“.
  • Corporate monitoring and some successful attempts to ban overseas broadcasts of the documentary“.

Because of the actions of politicians and journalists in certain media organizations, members of the British public have died, and countless other lives have been shattered through loss of family and friends.

Before paedophile politician Cyril Smiths death in 2010 he admitted to owning shares in Turner & Newall. Because of the politicians actions, The Health and Safety Executive has predicted “a further 50,000 plus UK deaths in the decades to come“.

2000s – Benefit Claimants Deaths

On the 27th of August 2015 Journalist Tamara Cohen reported for the Zionist newspaper who backed Hitler during World War 2, the Daily Mail, that 2,650 benefit claimants died within weeks of being ruled fit for work by Department of Work and Pensions contractors. Roman Catholic Conservative MP Ian Duncan Smith is in control of this Government department, Roman Catholicism being a Jewish mystery religion, an offshoot of Christianity, which is an offshoot of Judaism, Jesus Christ being King of the Jews and a Jewish Rabbi. 1,360 people appealed against the decision before their death. A Freedom of Information Request for the release of statistics showing how many people had died after losing their benefits was blocked by the Department of Work and Pensions after Ian Duncan Smith lied and said his department did not collect these numbers.


As you have read the British Government and some Journalists can’t be trusted to do the right thing. They are repeat offenders in breeching the Nuremberg Code and are an ongoing danger to the public of Britain.

What British citizens and citizens of the world may be witnessing being sprayed from planes may be nothing to do with Geo-Engineering, this may be an excuse or cover story by military and intelligence personnel in the media to tell any “inquisitive inquirer” the spraying is part of research projects into weather and air pollution when the reality is far removed from weather weapons.

It is possible due to past experiments on the public that they are being sprayed with Cancer causing particles and agents to target the immune system as part of Agenda 21 population reduction to reduce the size of the population. They are also possibly spraying fine particles of Aluminum which passes the brain barrier because of its size and damages memory, causing Dementia and Alzheimers.

Because of the revelations of paedophiles involving the Freemasons, Intelligence Services, Police, Schools, Social Services, Churches, the Government and Royal family, it is possible the public are under attack to stop them fighting back. Given the fact some of the said people are also currently setting up a New World Order one world government ran by Freemasons and Jews, it is also probable they are spraying to dumb down people to make them more docile and easier to conquer.

Another possibility is that the public are being sprayed to make them less intelligent, in order that their children can be exploited by said paedophiles.


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