#OpIlluminatusPiedPiper – Left & Right Eye of Lucifer – The Eye of Providence or Pyramid & All Seeing Eye of Lucifer


Left & Right Eye of Lucifer

Now Buddhi and Mercury correspond with each other, and both are yellow, or radiant and golden coloured. In the human system, the right eye corresponds with Buddhi and Mercury; and the left with Manas and Venus or Lucifer” (Blavatsky, 1800).

Carus (1900) writes that Set or Seth is known as the black or left eye of the setting sun, regulating from the summer solstice to the winter solstice. The opposite is the bright or right eye of Horus, the rising sun, regulating the winter solstice to the summer solstice, symbolizing growth of life and the spread of light. Schnoebelen (1991) writes “In Egyptian Mythology, Horus IS Lucifer“.

In the human face, the sun governs the forehead, Jupiter the right and Saturn the left eye” (Blavatsky, 1800s).

The Eye of Providence or Pyramid  & All Seeing Eye of Lucifer

Providence, “The protective care of God or of nature as a spiritual power” (Oxford Dictionary, 2015).

Annuit cœptis – providence favours our undertakings


Novus ordo seclorum – new order of the ages

Ordo Ab Chao – Order Out of Chaos

The Eyes are organs of vision. They detect light and convert it into electro-chemical impulses in neurons.

MI5EyeOfSetSatanLucifer1950’s to 1970’s SIS official insignia Freemason Eye of Providence or All Seeing Eye Pyramid

The mystery of the eye single, the all seeing eye of the masonic lodges, the all seeing eye that is found in the artistry of cathedrals, sometimes placed within a triangle, the triangle being used to represent the shape of the third ventricle in the brain, the eye as a symbol of consciousness, of internal awareness.

OccultSymbols-B OccultSymbols-A

Manly P Hall in his lecture Mysteries of the Astral Light says that man is both visible and invisible, the invisible part of man is an energy field which can be directed through ceremonial magic. It is an invisible field that is bound to the physical world. To harness this invisible field requires belief, believing leaves a person open to the unfamiliar and also makes possible the miracle, without belief the miracle is virtually impossible. With belief, faith and trust miracles of incredible proportions have occurred, there is no doubt in the world there is a means of power where which the individual can attract certain forces or circumstances out of the strange mystery of the inner worlds in which he inhabits. Behind the physical world is a world of energies, behind the physical body is an etheric energy, a kind of ether that permeates the body, the etheric body is attached to the physical body largely in the area of the spleen. Energy can only be known by what it does, we have an energy field of life, the energy disseminating throughout the body moves through all the circulatory system, some of this energy is in the smallest cell or atom, part of this energy gives us the ability to think, another gives us the ability to walk, all of this energy is real. Everything that exists has a mathematical pattern, a geometrical design, which can be represented by a symbol.

Milton (2000) writes that the astral body is the “instrument of passions, emotions, and desires, and, since it interpenetrates and extends beyond the physical body, it is the medium through which these are conveyed to the latter“. Milton (2000) goes on to write that there is a clearly defined theory that defines emotional and other functions of the astral body. Also writing that the astral body is not composed of matter alive with intelligent life, however it possesses life sufficient to “convey an understanding of its own existence and wants“.

Theosophical teachings say that the Astral World is the first sphere after death.

Manly P Hall in his lecture on Mental Control of the Energy Fields of the Body, says that “the sun was the principle source and regulator of the magnetic fields of the solar system, and that by extension all energy of magnetic motion arose from the sun and that its alternation, variations, polarizations, flux’s and influx’s were due to motions, tides or various changes upon the sun, or within the construction there of“.

The human body is supported by a magnetic field, which is subservient to the magnetic fields of the Earth and the Sun. In mysticism the magnetic field of the human is known as the aura, under certain conditions the human being can become aware of this field and it is possible that the magnetic field can be used as a form of communication between man and other forms of life in nature.

The magnetic field of man is divided within itself, miniature fields surround the vital organs and parts of the body, this magnetism moves in the marrow of the bones and through the nervous system. Hall says that Franz Mesmer believed that the magnetic field of the human being is directly connected to the nervous system, that it circulated through the body using the nerves as a vehicle, controllable to those who knew how to control the magnetic laws.

The magnetic field of the human body are subject to tides, the fluids in the brain are effected by the motion of the moon. The sun, the moon and the Earth are a triad of objects which can effect magnetism.

Manly P Hall in his lecture on the Pineal Gland & the Endocrine System, says that Philosopher René Descartes believed that the soul operated through the whole body, through all of its substances, its organs, and its functions. From this pattern of thought came the question, if this is true, then there must be a central control point? Functions arise from certain basic energy poles or fields within the body, therefore if the body is all responsive to soul, then there is this implication that there must also be a particular part of the body that is particularly sensitive to soul, that there must be a head quarters. It was Descartes opinion that the Pineal Gland was this headquarters or central control point.

Descarte studied all the principle centers in the human body, the organs, the nervous system, the arterial system, and he concluded that the larger structures can’t be the controllers and must be reservoirs through which these controllers operated. In all probability the controlling power would be posited in a small and sensitive area. Descarte came to the conclusion that there was an unpaired organ in the brain, that instead of the organ being polarized or with two essential parts corresponding to the right and left sides of the brain, there was suspended almost in the center of the brain, suspended in a manner that it was capable of motion within the brain itself. A comparatively small and mysterious body which resembled a pine cone, that this mysterious body with an independent motion, held in place with only certain arteries, veins and nerves, was in his mind the most likely organ or center by means of which consciousness was able to impinge itself upon the body as a living structure. Therefore that life came essentially from the heart, but from this other center came the power which transforms a living thing into a living conscious being.

JesusChristsTempationsThe Temptation of Christ – The hermitage of San Baudelio de Berlanga – At the left, the Devil dares Christ to turn stones into bread. In the middle, Satan challenges Christ, standing on the gable of the Temple, to throw himself down. The angel talking to a demon at the right refers to the last temptation of Christ, who, after refusing to worship the Devil, is ministered by angels

(MET, 2014)

Because of his research, Descarte would of been aware that throughout ancient religions and mystical philosophies there was a law by means of which the isolation of the area which he selected would be natural, reasonable and probable. Throughout history, peoples have used the concept of the eye as a symbol of consciousness, of internal awareness. In Egyptian religion we find a use of an ornament that is placed on the crown of the head, a mound like structure resembling a bee hive. On top of this is placed a lotus blossom, or branch, a hybrid stem and leaf. In this particular case the deceased person passing into the underworld has this device attached to the top of his head, the deities involved are frequently ornamented with crowns or symbols and these symbols include something that resembles a kind of antenna placed at the top of the crown of the deity. In India an extra eye, a third eye, is placed upon the forehead of a deity, to indicate a power of superior sight knowing or insight. In Christianity the head itself is surrounded by the nimbus of sanctity. Canonization of a saint is artistically presented by adding around the head of a person a halo. In the development of the idea of Canonization developed a science of halos, all halos, oils, and similar luminous envelopes or surrounding light patterns are according to certain rules or designs. In ancient art, the person of the trinity representing the god head if personified are usually given a certain kind of halo. The halo of Christ is different from that of any of his apostles, and that the halos of saints are different from those of angels, or other celestial beings. Descarte would of been aware if he took the halo around the head and regarded it as an area or circumference, and he placed a compass so that he could draw this halo that an artist draws around the head, that the central point of his compass which he is to base the circumference would approximate the position in the skull of the Pineal Gland.

But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal: For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light. But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great [is] that darkness!“ (King James Bible).

Manly P Hall in his lecture on the Brain & Release of the Soul, says that man is aware of the existence of a vast archetypal pattern in the universe. This archetypal pattern indicates a plan or purpose, and to plan and to purpose, these are aspects of the works of consciousness. Plans do not arise in the absents of cognitional principles. That which has no existence of itself cannot plan the excitement of any other thing. There exists everywhere, in space, substance and essence, a universal animating power. That this animating power possesses among its attributes, awareness and self awareness. Awareness may be like the warm glow of a sun rise, self awareness the light of the risen sun itself. We have every reason to suspect that the root of what we call consciousness is present in every molecular unit, in every cell, in every electron, and in modern terms every atom.

According to Professor of Physics and Director of the Institute of Science, Technology and Public Policy at Maharishi University of Management (MUM) Dr John Hagelin Phd, “life is fundamentally one, at the basis of all lifes diversity there is unity, at our basis you and I are one, and that unity at the basis of mind and matter is consciousness, universal consciousness. So with that deep understanding that consciousness isn’t created by the brain, its not purely an outcome of molecular chemical processes in the brain, but is fundamental in nature, it’s the very core of nature, we call it the unified field“.

Now that we have that foundational understanding of what consciousness is, we can solve the mind body problem, we can see how consciousness percolates up through our physiology to become that consciousness that we experience and see and sensory perception and all of that“.

Progress in our understanding of the universe through Physics over the past quarter century has been exploring deeper levels of natural law, from the macroscopic to the microscopic, from the molecular to the atomic, to the nuclear, to the sub nuclear levels of natures functioning. So called Elecroweak Unified Scale, Grand Unified Scale, Super Unified Scale, and what we have discovered is at the core basis of the universe the foundation of the universe is a single universal field of intelligence. A field which unites gravity with electromagnetism, light with radioactivity, with the nuclear force. So that all the forces of nature and all the so called particles of nature, Quarkz, Leptons, Protons, Neutrons are now understood to be one. They are all just different ripples on a single ocean of existence, thats called the unified field, or super string field, and its a mathematical tour de force. But we have realized Einsteins dream, he dedicated half of his life to discovering this unified field and now in the context of the super string, that has been achieved“.

So unified field theory is based on the super string, identify a single universal field of intelligence, an ocean of existence at the basis of everything, mind and matter. And all the so called particles of our universe, the forces in our universe, everything in the universe, are just ripples on that ocean of existence. That’s the unified field, and that field is a none material field. It is ultimately the field of consciousness and all our separate consciousnesses, where ever there is consciousness, is merely consciousness, on the virtue of the fact, that my consciousness your consciousness are ultimately that, everything in the universe is really nothing but that. Planets, trees, people, animals, we are all just waves of vibration of this underlying unified super string field, we are really united at our core“.

Physicist Dr Nikola Tesla said that “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”.


Blavatsky, H, P, (1800s). The Secret Doctrine, Volume 3. Publisher Unknown. Location Unknown. http://www.theosophical.ca/books/SecretDoctrine,The_HPBlavatsky.pdf Accessed 20/12/2014

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