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Donald Trump says the world would be a BETTER place if Saddam and Gaddafi were still in power

  • The Donald made the claims on State Of The Union on Sunday
  • The GOP presidential candidate said ‘100 per cent’ the world would be better off if the sadistic dictators were still in power
  • Right now it’s far worse than ever [than it was] under Saddam Hussein or Gaddafi,’ he added 
  • For more on Trump’s latest claims visit

The world would be a better place if dictators such as Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi were still in power, top Republican US presidential hopeful Donald Trump said in comments aired Sunday.

The billionaire real estate tycoon also told CNN’s State Of The Union talk show that the Middle East ‘blew up’ around US President Barack Obama and former secretary of state Hillary Clinton, his biggest Democratic rival in the race for the White House.

‘One hundred percent,’ Trump said when asked if the world would be better off with Saddam and Gaddafi still at the helm in Iraq and Libya.

Trump (pictured in Miami on Friday) said that the Middle East is worse now than when Huddein and Gaddafi were in power

Trump (pictured in Miami on Friday) said that the Middle East is worse now than when Huddein and Gaddafi were in power

GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump made the claim that things would be better if only Saddam Hussein was still in power
GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump claims that the world would be a safer place with Libyan dictator MuammarGaddafi was still in power
Trump said on Sunday that dictators like Saddam Hussein (left at moment of his capture) and Muammar Gaddafi (right) would ‘100 percent’ make the world a better place if they were still in power

Both strongmen committed atrocities against their own people and are now dead. Saddam, the former Iraqi president, was toppled in the 2003 US-led invasion of Iraq and was executed in 2006.

Gaddafi – who ruled Libya for four decades – was ousted and slain in October 2011 amid a NATO-backed uprising.

‘People are getting their heads chopped off. They’re being drowned. Right now it’s far worse than ever [than it was] under Saddam Hussein or Gaddafi,’ Trump said.

‘I mean, look what happened. Libya is a catastrophe. Libya is a disaster. Iraq is a disaster. Syria is a disaster. The whole Middle East. It all blew up around Hillary Clinton and around Obama. It blew up.’

Calling Iraq the ‘Harvard of terrorism,’ Trump said the country had turned into a ‘training ground for terrorists.’

‘If you look at Iraq from years ago, I’m not saying he (Saddam) was a nice guy. He was a horrible guy but it’s better than it is now,’ Trump said.

He also said the United States should have taken Iraq’s oil, saying it was now being bought by China, and also going to Iran and the Islamic State group.

‘They have plenty of money because they took the oil because we were stupid,’ he said of ISIS. ‘I said take the oil when we leave.’

Trump said his foreign policy strategy would be centered around beefing up the US military.

‘All I know is this: we’re living in Medieval times … We’re living in an unbelievably dangerous and horrible world,’ he said.

‘The Trump doctrine is simple,’ he added. ‘It’s strength. It’s strength. Nobody is going to mess with us. Our military will be made stronger.’

Trump on Sunday also went after his Republican rival Ben Carson, who has surged past him in the closely watched, early-voting state of Iowa.

According to a Bloomberg/Des Moines Register poll out Friday, Carson claims 28 percent support from likely voters in the Republican Iowa caucus, compared to 19 percent for Trump.

It was the second poll in two days that had Carson knocking Trump off his perch in Iowa, an intensely fought-over state because it votes first in the lengthy US nominating contests.

'Ben Carson has never created a job in his life (well, maybe a nurse)' Trump tweeted about his main GOP rival - but he added 'I get along with everybody'

‘Ben Carson has never created a job in his life (well, maybe a nurse)’ Trump tweeted about his main GOP rival – but he added ‘I get along with everybody’

‘Ben Carson has never created a job in his life (well, maybe a nurse),’ Trump tweeted of the retired pediatric neurosurgeon, a fellow political newcomer.

‘I have created tens of thousands of jobs, it’s what I do.’

But Carson, who has cemented his support among Christian evangelicals, shrugged off Trump’s darts in an interview with Fox News Sunday, saying, ‘I refuse to get into the mud pit.’

‘He is who he is. I don’t think that’s going to change. And I am who I am. That’s not going to change either,’ he said of Trump.

In his interview with CNN, Trump acknowledged he was ‘surprised’ by Carson’s advance, calling an Iowa event he was at several days ago a ‘love fest.’

‘I like Ben but he cannot do with trade like I do with trade. He can’t do a lot of things like I do,’ Trump said, adding that Carson was also ‘very, very weak on immigration’ and a ‘low energy person.’

Presidential hopeful Ben Carson, pictured October 9, has overtaken rival Donald Trump in polling among likely Republican voters in the early battleground state of Iowa

Presidential hopeful Ben Carson, pictured October 9, has overtaken rival Donald Trump in polling among likely Republican voters in the early battleground state of Iowa

A new CBS News 2016 ‘Battleground Tracker’ poll out Sunday showed Trump and Carson tied in Iowa at 27 percent, with Trump holding onto double digit leads over the doctor in South Carolina and New Hampshire.

The poll was based on 3,952 interviews done October 15-22, with the margins of error varying per state – 6.5 percent in Iowa, 6.6 percent in New Hampshire and 5.3 percent in South Carolina.

Alleging that President Barack Obama has ‘divided this country,’ Trump said that, in contrast, he would bring about bipartisanship.

‘I get along with everybody. I will be a great unifier for our country,’ he told CNN.



Uncovered: The macabre sex chamber of Libya’s Colonel Gaddafi where he raped girls – and boys – as young as 14

  • Colonel Muhammar Gaddafi kept several ‘sex dungeons’ at his palaces
  • Libyan tyrant forced hundreds of young girls to become his sex slaves
  • Gaddafi also had a ‘harem’ of young men called ‘the services group’
  • Dictator visited schools and ‘chose’ his victims with a pat on the head
  • Gaddafi was killed in October 2011 after 42 years of dictatorship

IT has been more than two years since the capture and death of Muammar Gaddafi, the Libyan dictator whose reign subjected an impoverished people to four decades of murder and terror.

When the bedraggled former leader was hauled out of a drainpipe and shot in October 2011, his death ended the bloody Nato-led civil war that had ravaged the country since the start of that year.

The full horror of his brutality has been slow to emerge, with many Libyans still fearing retaliation by those who continue to be loyal to their late leader. But it can now be revealed that the most heartbreaking of Gaddafi’s victims include hundreds, possibly thousands of teenage girls who, throughout his 42-year reign, were beaten, raped and forced to become his sex slaves.

Chilling: This is the bedroom in Gaddafi's 'sex dungeon', decorated in 70s style with brown walls and a double bed, where he would take girls as young as 14 and sexually abuse them against their will

Chilling: This is the bedroom in Gaddafi’s ‘sex dungeon’, decorated in 70s style with brown walls and a double bed, where he would take girls as young as 14 and sexually abuse them against their will

Degrading: This is the fully-fitted gynecological suite where young girls would be placed in one of the two beds and checked for STDs before they were sent in to the waiting dictator

Degrading: This is the fully-fitted gynecological suite where young girls would be placed in one of the two beds and checked for STDs before they were sent in to the waiting dictator

Many were virgins kidnapped from schools and universities and kept prisoner for years in a specially designed secret sex lair hidden within Tripoli University or his many palaces. In the 26 months since he was deposed, Gaddafi’s den – where he regularly raped girls as young as 14 – has remained locked. But today its gaudy interior, where the colonel brutalised his victims, can be seen for the first time in photographs from a hard-hitting BBC4 documentary.

Inside the small, nondescript single-storey complex, the girls were forced to watch pornography to ‘educate’ them for their degrading treatment at the hands of Gaddafi. And even those who did manage to escape were often shunned by their deeply religious Muslim families who believed their family honour had been tainted.

When the dictator’s body was dragged through the streets by a baying mob, just hours after he was beaten and shot in the head, the hastily convened transitional government moved swiftly to seal off the sex dungeon. They feared the full extent of Gaddafi’s debased and lewd lifestyle would horrify the Western world and cause deep embarrassment to Libya.

One of the rooms holds little more than a double bed, lit by an orange lamp. Its 1970s decor and grimy Jacuzzi – all left exactly as they were when Gaddafi last used it – give it a seedy and gloomy air. But even more chilling is the clinical gynaecological suite in an adjoining room. It was here, on two beds fitted with stirrups behind a table laden with surgical instruments, that Gaddafi’s young victims were examined to ensure they had no sexually transmittable diseases. And here they were forced to undergo abortions if they became pregnant.

'Sexual deviant': Colonel Gaddafi kept hundreds of girls as sex slaves during his years at the helm of Libya, but also kept a 'harem' of young boys

‘Sexual deviant’: Colonel Gaddafi kept hundreds of girls as sex slaves during his years at the helm of Libya, but also kept a ‘harem’ of young boys

They, however, were the lucky ones. Other young victims were so badly abused that they were dumped in car parks and on waste ground, and left to die.

Gaddafi’s modus operandi was to tour schools and universities where female students were invited to his lectures.

As he spoke before his hushed audience, he would silently scan the room seeking out attractive girls. Before leaving he would pat those he had ‘selected’ on the head.

Within hours his private bodyguards would round up those chosen and kidnap them. If their families tried to keep them from Gaddafi’s clutches, they were gunned down.

One teacher at a Tripoli school recalled how the girls were all very young. ‘Some were only 14,’ she said. ‘They would simply take the girl they wanted. They had no conscience, no morals, not an iota of mercy even though she was a mere child.’

The teacher also feared for her own daughter who was attending Tripoli University.

She told her mother how the community around the university lived in fear when a visit from the colonel was announced. ‘The girls he wanted would be rounded up and sent to him,’ she said.

‘One just disappeared and they never found her again, despite her father and brothers searching for her. Another was found three months later, cut, raped and lying in the middle of a park. She had been left for dead.’

Even today, the Libyan people are afraid to speak openly about Gaddafi’s depravity, fearing reprisals from his former henchmen.

But one woman – who was repeatedly raped by the despot over seven years from the age of 15 – has anonymously spoken of how he terrorised and abused her. She had been chosen to present the colonel with a bouquet when he toured her school in his home town of Sirte on the Mediterranean coast, 350 miles east of Tripoli.

When he patted her head afterwards, in an apparently paternal gesture,  she thought she had pleased the man she and her fellow Libyans were forced to call ‘the Guide’.

The next day three woman dressed in military uniform arrived telling  her parents she was needed to present more flowers. Instead, she was driven at high speed to Gaddafi’s lair. Once there, he barked at his women soldiers: ‘Get her ready.’

The girl was stripped, given a blood test and shaved of all  but her pubic hair. She was dressed in a G-string, forced into a low-cut gown and had thick make-up plastered on her face. When she was shoved into Gaddafi’s room, to her horror he was lying naked on the bed. When she tried to run out, the women soldiers grabbed her and flung her back on the bed.

She was raped repeatedly during the seven years she was held captive, eventually escaping when a door was accidentally left unlocked.

Fuelled by cocaine and alcohol – and often Viagra – Gaddafi abused her horribly. ‘I will never forget that first time, that moment,’ she says. ‘He  violated my body and pierced my  soul with a dagger. That blade will never come out.’

It took the documentary-makers months of negotiations to be allowed access to information on Gaddafi  as Libya remains secretive and hide-bound by bureaucracy.

Bodyguards: Many of Gaddafi's famous battalion of female guards had also been abused by the despot

Bodyguards: Many of Gaddafi’s famous battalion of female guards had also been abused by the despot

Bizarre: According to Dr Ribeiro, Gaddafi insisted on having procedures without anaesthetic

Bizarre: According to Dr Ribeiro, Gaddafi insisted on having procedures without anaesthetic

But they also established that Gaddafi set up a ‘murder for hire’ team run from Tripoli to rid him of enemies around the world. In a secret interview from Cuba, former CIA agent Frank Terpil said: ‘I would say [it was] Murder Incorporated .  .  . murder for hire. Gaddafi thought that anybody who was a dissident, they [should be] eliminated, he had contracts out on a bunch of people in London.’

He often stored the bodies of those killed in Libya in freezers so that he could regularly view them.

If Gaddafi was power-crazed, he was also paranoid. A Brazilian plastic surgeon found himself escorted deep inside a bunker in Tripoli in the middle of the night in order to remove  fat from Gaddafi’s belly and inject it into his increasingly wrinkled face.

Despite the pain, Gaddafi refused a general anaesthetic, fearing he might be poisoned – and because he wished to remain alert.

Halfway through the operation, he stopped to have a hamburger.

He also created an elite squad of bodyguards – all female – whom he used for sex and forced to watch multiple barbaric executions.

For decades Gaddafi surrounded himself with these beautiful young women. Dressed in close-fitting military uniforms, with manicured nails and perfectly coiffed hair, they exuded glamour while toting guns.

But they were little more than disposable prostitutes used and abused by Gaddafi and his family.

Known as ‘the Haris al-Has’ – the private female guards – almost  all were coerced into joining his cadre. One of them, who admits she had ‘once adored him’, recalled the horrific treatment they had to endure. ‘Early one morning, at 2am, we were taken to a closed hall,’ she said. ‘We were to witness the murder of 17 students. We were not allowed to scream. We were made to cheer and shout. To act as though delighted by this display. Inside I was crying. They shot them all, one by one.’

According to Benghazi-based psychologist Seham Sergewa, who interviewed scores of the girls for the International Criminal Court, there were about 400 members of the elite squad over the years.

‘A pattern emerged in their stories,’ she explains. ‘The women would first be raped by the dictator then passed on, like used objects, to one of his sons and eventually to high- ranking officials for more abuse.

‘In one case a girl of 18 said she was raped in front of her father. She kept begging her distraught father to look away. Many of the victims say they contemplated suicide many times. Doubtless there were some who took their own lives.’

The end: After months of civil war, Muammar Gaddafi was tracked down in October 2011 and shot by freedom fighters

The end: After months of civil war, Muammar Gaddafi was tracked down in October 2011 and shot by freedom fighters

It has also emerged that teams of boys were sent to Gaddafi’s sex den, where they too were abused. Former chief of protocol Nuri Al Mismari, who was at Gaddafi’s side for 40 years, adds: ‘He was terribly sexually deviant. Young boys and so on. He had his own boys. They used to be called the “services group”. All of them were boys and bodyguards .  .  . a harem for his pleasure.’ One of the few Libyans who was prepared to be named and talk about the horrors Gaddafi inflicted on his people was Baha Kikhia, the widow of Libya’s former foreign minister with whom Gaddafi had a frosty relationship.

When her husband vanished one evening, she confronted Gaddafi about his whereabouts. The colonel refused to tell but, to Baha’s horror, his body was one of many found in freezers after the regime fell.

‘He liked to keep his victims in the refrigerators to look at them now and again,’ she says haltingly. ‘He would visit his victims.

‘It was as though they were some sort of macabre souvenirs. Something that he could look at and touch to remind himself of his omnipotence. Some had been there as long as 25 years.’

The Libyan people had always known Gaddafi to be violent and unstable, but it was only after he was accused of perpetrating the Lockerbie bombing on December 21, 1988 – in which 270 American and British lives were lost when Libya blew up the Pan Am airliner on which they were travelling –  that the West was prepared to take any action.

Strict sanctions were applied by America, although according to Gwenyth Todd, the former National Security Council Director for Libya at the White House, Western leaders – including Britain’s then Prime Minister, Tony Blair – eventually sought to have them lifted and Gaddafi’s reputation restored.

In 2001, Libyan Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi was convicted of the Lockerbie bombing and jailed for life.

But eight years later, seriously ill with cancer, he was controversially released by the Scottish legal system on compassionate grounds  –although many including Jim Swire, the father of one of the victims, maintain he was not guilty of the bombing.

The BBC4 documentary also suggests the Lockerbie jet was not the only one Gaddafi’s regime blew up. Ali Aujali, Libya’s former ambassador to Washington, insists Gaddafi was responsible for bringing down a civilian aircraft in 1992 within a day of the fourth Lockerbie anniversary, killing all 157 on board.

‘Gaddafi shot down a Libyan jet just to send a message to the world that sanctions had hurt Libyan lives,’ Aujali says. ‘It was his way of showing the world how sanctions were affecting life in Libya – making it look as though the plane crashed because it needed spare parts which weren’t available. It was 100 per cent down to Gaddafi.’

Storyville: Mad Dog – Gaddafi’s Secret World will be shown on BBC4 at 10pm on February 3.




DonaldTrumpGhislaineMaxwellJewish paedophile Ghislaine Maxwell with Donald Trump

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New Lawsuit Claims Bill Cosby Sexually Assaulted a Fifteen-Year-Old Girl

New Lawsuit Claims Bill Cosby Sexually Assaulted a Fifteen-Year-Old Girl

A civil lawsuit filed today claims that Bill Cosby once took a fifteen-year-old girl to the Playboy mansion, gave her alcohol, and sexually assaulted her.

The plaintiff, Judy Huth, filed the suit in Los Angeles Superior Court Tuesday, claiming she was with a friend at an L.A. park in 1974 when they noticed Bill Cosby shooting a movie.

“They were approached by Cosby, who invited them to sit in a director’s chair and engaged in conversation with them. He then invited them to come to his tennis club and meet him there the following Saturday,” the complaint alleges. “Cosby asked the girls how old they were during this conversation and they told him that [Huth] was 15 and her friend was 16.”

When they went to Cosby’s tennis club the following week, Huth says, he brought them to a nearby house, gave them alcoholic drinks and played pool with them. Huth says he made her drink a beer every time he won the game.

Then, Huth says, he took them to the Playboy Mansion and told them to lie about their ages. That’s where the assault occurred, the lawsuit claims:

New Lawsuit Claims Bill Cosby Sexually Assaulted a Fifteen-Year-Old Girl

The fate of Huth’s suit will likely depend on whether the court agrees Huth only discovered she had psychological injuries caused by the abuse within the last three years.

Under California’s Civil Procedure laws, the statute of limitations for childhood sex abuse generally tolls “within eight years of the date the plaintiff attains the age of majority,” but can extend when the victim realizes or should have realized years later that she was injured by the abuse.

Cosby’s attorney, Marty Singer, reportedly declined to comment on the lawsuit Tuesday.

Huth is seeking compensatory, punitive and exemplary damages against Cosby but has not requested a specific dollar amount.

Cosby was last sued in 2005 by another woman who also claimed she had been sexually abused by the once beloved TV dad. The case was settled out of court for an unspecified amount.


1. Linda Ridgeway Whitedeer

Date of Alleged Assault – Early 1970s

Date of Accusation – Aug. 12, 2015

At a press conference in attorney Gloria Allred’s Los Angeles office on Aug. 12, Linda Ridgeway Whitedeer told reporters that she encountered Cosby in the early ’70s on a movie set where Cosby told her, “I’m going to interview you and we will use the director’s office.” However, Whitedeer said what transpired in the office was very different.

“I felt Cosby’s left hand gently grab my long hair behind my head … his giant frame blocked the door so if anyone should try to enter, they would not be able to see what he was doing,” Whitedeer said. “As I looked up his penis was out of his pants and he shoved it in my mouth. His attack was fast with surgical precision and surprise on his side.”

2. Colleen Hughes

Date of Alleged Assault – Early 1970s

Date of Accusation – Aug. 12, 2015

American Airlines flight attendant Hughes met Cosby on a flight to Los Angeles and he invited her to lunch afterwards. She changed in his Beverly Hills hotel room, but when she emerged, Hughes claimed that Cosby was drinking champagne out of her shoe. There were also glasses of champagne, Hughes said, and Cosby handed her one. The last thing Hughes claimed to remember was Cosby attempting to hold her hand, after which she woke up hours later.

“My clothes were thrown all over the room and I felt semen on the small of my back and all over me,” Hughes said in front of reporters at Gloria Allred’s Los Angeles office. “Bill obviously did not use a condom.”

3. Eden Tirl

Date of Alleged Assault – 1988

Date of Accusation – Aug. 12, 2015

Tirl claimed that she had been cast to play a police officer on “The Cosby Show” on its fifth season and was ushered to Cosby’s dressing room after shooting one afternoon. He locked the door and while they chatted, she nervously tried to deter him by saying: “Bill, you are Jello pudding pops and Fat Albert to me … you are my childhood,” but he barked back, “Don’t say that, they all say that!”

“I had handled being ‘hit on’ many times in the industry, this had far surpassed that.” Tirl told reporters. “I felt dominated.”

Lilli Bernard

4. Lilli Bernard

Date of Alleged Assault – 1992

Date of Accusation – May 1, 2015

Bernard, who appeared in an episode of the final season of “The Cosby Show,” claimed that she was drugged, raped and threatened by Cosby while he was mentoring her in preparation for her appearance as “the zany and very pregnant Mrs. Minifield.”

Bernard claimed that she last saw the comedian at the “Cosby Show” studios in 1992, where he told her, “As far as I’m concerned, Bernard, you’re dead. Do you hear me? You’re dead, Bernard. You don’t exist, I never wanna see your face again. Now get the hell out of here!”

“I interpreted that as a death threat and feared for my life,” Bernard said.

Sammi Mayes

5. Sammie Mays

Date of Alleged Assault – Mid-1980’s

Date of Accusation – May 1 ,2015

Mays said that she encountered Cosby in the mid-’80s, as a writer covering the NATPE convention in New Orleans. According to Mays, when she asked Cosby for a brief interview, she invited him to walk with her from the convention center across the street to his hotel.

Once in Cosby’s hotel suite, Mays says, Cosby mixed a drink for her with his back to her. After taking two big swigs, Mays claims, “The next thing I remember when I awoke, from my state of unconsciousness I seemed to have been drooling, and was sloppily slouched in the chair with barely the edge of my bottom in it.”

bill cosby gloria allred margi shapiro sunni welles

6. Margie Shapiro

Date of Alleged Assault – 1975

Date of Accusation – March 27, 2015

Shapiro told reporters that she met Cosby in 1975 while she was working at a donut shop in Santa Monica, where Cosby ordered dozens of donuts. She claimed that she was invited to Cosby’s film set, where she spent the afternoon with the comedian. Afterward, she was invited to a casual dinner with Cosby, but the dinner was canceled and the comedian invited her to the Playboy Mansion instead, Shapiro, who said she was 19 at the time, continued. Instead, the pair entered what she called a “rec place” or “game house,” and Cosby told her whoever lost at pinball had to take a pill. Shapiro lost — and when she came to, both she and Cosby were naked, and Cosby was inside of her. Shapiro claims to have “mercifully” passed out again, but every time she regained consciousness, Cosby was touching her sexually.

The alleged victim said that Cosby acted as if nothing had happened, eventually telling her that they would not be seeing Hugh Hefner and that she wasn’t dressed nicely enough, instead a driver took her home.

7. Sunni Welles

Date of Alleged Assault – Mid-60s

Date of Accusation – March 27, 2015

Welles claimed that she met Cosby when she was a little girl, due to the fact that her mother — who once considered him to be a friend — was a theatrical agent. “I once liked Cosby very much, but that has changed now,” Welles said.

According to Welles, in the mid-1960s when she was 17 her mother took her to the set of Cosby’s “I Spy,” where Cosby asked her for her number. Cosby then invited Welles to see jazz. The teen, who was auditioning for background singer jobs at the time, was “thrilled” by the invitation. At the jazz club, she ordered a Coke, and that “things began to become blurry” after she took a sip of it. Welles, who said that she didn’t remember leaving the club or driving anywhere, added that she woke up naked in an apartment where Cosby couldn’t be found. Welles went home and showered, she told reporters, and felt like she had sex. “I did not want to believe that a family friend would do that to me,” Welles told reporters at the office of attorney Gloria Allred.

Bill Cosby accuser Linda Brown

8. Linda Brown

Date of alleged incident: 1969

Date of accusation: February 12, 2015

Brown said she first met Cosby after shooting a Wonderbra commercial in Toronto in 1969. Brown, then 22, said the comedian took her to dinner, but instead of taking her home afterward he took her to his hotel room to give her a gift.

“He then went into the other room, got me a soft drink and then he said he needed to make his call. I took a sip and blacked out,” she said. “When I awakened I was naked in the bed beside him. I had no idea how my clothes came off or how and why I was in his bed.”

“I was shocked and had no clue as to how I got there or why Mr. Cosby was beside me under the covers naked. I couldn’t move or speak,” she added. “I felt paralyzed. He flipped me over and sexually assaulted me. I felt like a rag doll and like a real life blow-up doll for him.”

Bill Cosby accuser Lise-Lotte Lublin

9. Lise-Lotte Lublin

Date of alleged incident: 1989

Date of accusation: February 12, 2015

Lublin said her modeling agency connected her with Cosby when she was 23. She said the comedian invited her back to his hotel room for what he described as an audition, later asking her to put on an acting display.

She said the comedian then fixed her a shot of alcohol to calm her nerves. “I told him I did not drink, but he insisted, so I drank it … I trusted him because of who he was, and how well he was respected around the world,” she said. “My next memory was waking up at home, and for me, it felt like several days had passed.”

“I am furious and I have decided to fight for my rights and the rights of every man, woman and child who have been victims of a sexual crime,” Lublin continued. “I have contacted every senator and assembly-person from the state of Nevada and I will continue to rally every victim of sexual assault, every rape crisis center and every supporter who believes in the right to have an offender tried in a court of law,” she said.

10. Helen Gumpel

Date of alleged incident: 1987

Date of accusation: February 8, 2015

Former fashion model and actress Helen Gumpel came forward in February and accused Bill Cosby of acting lewd and making sexual advances at her while she was on the set of “The Cosby Show.”

She said she went to Cosby’s dressing room under the impression that she was auditioning to appear on a second episode of the comedian’s family sitcom. Gumpel alleges Cosby sat her down on a couch and handed her a drink. Next, she said he put her crotch in his face.

“I never thought of myself as a victim because I refused his advances,” Gumpel said in a press conference. “But my career was a victim.”

Cindra Ladd

11. Cindra Ladd

Date of alleged incident: After 1969

Date of accusation: January 26, 2015

Cindra Ladd, wife of “Blade Runner” producer Alan Ladd Jr., came forward with allegations against Cosby in a troubling HuffPo op-ed.

She said she met the comedian in 1969 and they saw each other socially on multiple occasions. Once, when they were supposed to watch a movie, she said he coerced her into taking a mysterious pill. Ladd alleges she blacked out as a result and eventually woke up naked.

“It was obvious to me that he had had sex with me,” she wrote. “I was horrified, embarrassed and ashamed. There was a mirror above the bed, which shocked me further.”

“I don’t remember where the theater was nor very much of the evening,” she continued. “What I do recall, vividly and clearly, is waking up the next morning nude in the bed of his friend’s apartment and seeing Cosby wearing a white terrycloth bathrobe and acting as if there was nothing unusual.”

Linda Kirkpatrick and Bill Cosby

12. Linda Kirkpatrick

Date of alleged incident: 1981

Date of accusation: January 7, 2015

Linda Kirkpatrick and two other alleged victims came forward on Jan. 7 with the help of renowned civil rights attorney Gloria Allred. Kirkpatrick claimed to have met Cosby during a mixed doubles tennis tournament in Las Vegas in 1981. After she bested Cosby in their match, Kirkpatrick claimed she attended his show at the Las Vegas Hilton and, arriving at his dressing room, was given a “tall, thin champagne type of glass” by Cosby which contained a clear liquid that “tasted terrible.”

Later, in Cosby’s dressing room, Kirkpatrick said he “was on top of me kissing me forcefully” even though she “had no interest in sex of any kind” with him.

Kirkpatrick also added that she had “no conscious recollection of how I got home” and, the next day, “began violently throwing up … as a result of what I believe to be ingesting some kind of drug.”

13. “Lynn Neal”

Date of alleged incident: Date unknown

Date of accusation: January 7, 2015

Lynn Neal also came forward during Allred’s Jan. 7 press conference and accused Cosby of rape.

She claimed to have met Cosby when she was a massage therapist in her mid-20s at a health club. Neal said the comedian invited her to his show and later to dinner. According to Neal, Cosby gave her a shot of Stoli and, after the pair returned to his dressing room — with Neal in a “disoriented and confused” state — Cosby began having sex with her against her will.

“He built my trust by pretending to be a friend,” Neal said at the conference. “He drugged and raped me.”

14. “Kacey”

Date of alleged incident: 1990s

Date of accusation: January 7, 2015

A third accuser, identified as Kacey, said she worked as an assistant to Cosby’s personal appearances agent at William Morris in the ’90s.

Kacey also came forward with Allred during her Jan. 7 press conference and said she was once invited to Cosby’s bungalow, where he gave her a large, white pill that she took at his repeated insistence. Kacey claimed that she next remembers waking up in bed with a naked Cosby.

Katherine McKee speaks with the New York Daily news

15. Katherine McKee

Date of alleged incident: 1970s

Date of accusation: Dec. 22, 2014

Former Vegas showgirl and girlfriend of the late-Sammy Davis Jr., Katherine McKee, claims she was sexually assaulted by comedian Bill Cosby during the 1970s.

“He was a buddy. He knew I was Sammy’s girl,” McKee said.

McKee said she brought ribs to the comdeian’s hotel room once, which is when she alleges he assaulted her.

“I remember I walked in the door, and he had a robe and cap on. He took the ribs from my hands and just grabbed me,” said McKee, who said she had known Cosby for eight years before the incident. “He spun me around, pulled my panties down and just took it. We were still standing at the door when he attacked me. It was so fast and so shocking and so unbelievable.”

“To me, there was a different personality involved,” she added. “He was a different man. It felt like a different person performing the act.”

Cosby accuser

16. “Lisa”

Date of alleged incident: 1988

Date of accusation: Dec. 19, 2014

A woman using the pseudonym Lisa accused Cosby of drugging her and possibly taking advantage of her in 1988. She spoke out Friday, Dec. 19 on an episode of the talk show “Dr. Phil.”

The former model said the comedian had befriend her in the 1980s: “I trusted him like I trusted my own father.”

But all of that allegedly changed after she visited Cosby at his hotel suite for a career mentoring session. Lisa said he insisted she drink multiple drinks, which made her dizzy.

“Bill had sat down on the edge of the couch. He said, ‘Come over here and have a seat.’ And he had his legs open and when I sat down, I was sitting down in between his legs with my back to his crotch. And he started to stroke my hair back in a petting motion like this,” she explained. “The last thing I remember is just feeling the strokes on my head. After that, I don’t remember anything else.”

Lisa said she woke up two days later, without any memories of what happened in the interim.

17. Chloe Goins

Date of alleged incident: 2008

Date of accusation: Dec. 15, 2014

Chloe Goins told the Daily Mail that Cosby drugged her and assaulted her in 2008. The model and exotic dancer claims she met the comedian at the Playboy Mansion, when she was only 18. She alleges he gave her a spiked drink, which made her feel dizzy. Goins said she later woke up to Cosby licking her toes and pleasuring himself.

accuser drugged model beverly johnson

18. Beverly Johnson

Date of alleged incident – mid-’80s

Date of accusation: Dec. 11, 2014

In a lengthy Vanity Fair article, model Johnson claimed that Cosby drugged her at his New York residence while she was auditioning for “The Cosby Show.”

19. Helen Hayes

Date of Alleged Assault – 1973

Date of Accusation – Dec. 3, 2014 

Hayes came forward as part of a press conference with Allred on Wednesday, Dec. 3. She claimed to have encountered Cosby in the summer of 1973 while attending a tennis tournament in Pebble Beach, California. She said that Cosby followed her party around all day, “even though we had changed restaurants several times to avoid him.”

Eventually, Hayes claimed, Cosby “approached me from behind and reached over my shoulder and grabbed my right breast.”

“His behavior was like that of a predator,” she added.

20. Chelan

Date of Alleged Assault – 1985

Date of Accusation – Dec. 3, 2014 

Chelan also came forward as part of Allred’s press conference on Wednesday, Dec. 3. She was teary through most of the conference, where told reporters that she encountered Cosby in 1986 when she was a 17-year-old aspiring model and employee at the Las Vegas Hilton.

Cosby allegedly invited her to one of his Vegas shows after her father’s wife sent a letter and some pictures to Cosby. Cosby told her to meet him at the Elvis Presley suite, and that he would introduce her to someone from the Ford modeling agency, Chelan claimed.

She added that she had a cold at the time, and that Cosby gave her what he said was an antihistamine, along with a double shot of Amaretto.

“He was rubbing my neck and saying that he might have to have someone come in to give me stress therapy. He had me put on a Hilton robe because someone from the Ford agency was coming up to the suite and that I should wet my hair so that they could see the texture of my hair,” she added.

“Someone did arrive at the room, she said, and left after taking a couple of pictures and telling her to lose 10 pounds,” Chelan claimed.

21. Judy Huth 

Date of Alleged Assault – 1974

Date of Accusation – Dec. 2, 2014 

Judy Huth filed a lawsuit against Cosby on Tuesday, claiming he committed sexual batter against her in 1974. When she was just 15 years old.

In her lawsuit obtained by TheWrap, Huth alleges to have met Cosby during a movie shoot at the park. From there she said he invited her to his tennis club, which turned into a game of drinking billiards.

Also read: ‘Get on Up’ Star Jill Scott Wants ‘Substantiated Proof’ About Bill Cosby Rape Allegations Before ‘Condemnation’

Huth claims that the sexual battery occurred when Cosby took the pair to the Playboy Mansion, instructing them to pretend they were 19. The suit says that Huth and Cosby went to a bedroom, where the alleged sexual assault took place.

“While at the Playboy Mansion, plaintiff told Cosby that she needed to use the bathroom,” the lawsuit reads. “Cosby directed her to a bathroom within a bedroom suite near the game room. When plaintiff emerged from the bathroom, she found Cosby sitting on the bed. He asked her to sit beside him. He then proceeded to sexually molest her by attempting to put his hand down her pants, and then taking her hand in his hand and performing a sex act on himself without her consent.”

According to the suit, Huth suffered “psychological damage and mental anguish” as a result of the alleged incident.

Also read: Bill Cosby Resigns From Temple University Board of Trustees In Wake of Scandal

Huth has accused him of sexual battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress and negligent infliction of emotional distress, and she is seeking compensatory, exemplary and punitive damages.

22. Jena T. 

Date of Alleged Assault – 1989

Date of Accusation – Nov. 25, 2014 

A former model who would only identify herself as Jena T. claimed Cosby pressured her into performing a sexual act on him in 1989, when she was a teen. The Florida woman, now 44, said she was only 17 when she first met Cosby in 1988. She claimed he pressured her into giving him a handjob sometime later in 1989, with promises of rewards. “He promised my parents he’d take care of me,” Jena T. told People, in an article published Tuesday.

Jena T. said she penned a poem for him later that year, and sent it to him: “Receive a phone call from the Big Man/Who says he has a plan… He is a thief, a hypocrite and a whore/Who only wants more.” According to People, she spoke out about her alleged interactions with Cosby in 2005 as part of a civil complaint against Cosby filed by another alleged victim of his sexual assault.

Jewel Allison, Bill Cosby

23. Jewel Allison

Date of Alleged Assault – late 1980s

Date of Accusation – Nov. 24, 2014 

Jewel Allison told the New York Daily News that Cosby took her to dinner one night in the late 1980s, but was victimized after drinking wine which made her ill. Allison alleged Cosby later took her hand and put it on his genitals: “That was my sexual assault by this comedian…  He turned me around and said, ‘Let’s get you home.’ At the door, he gave me a very hard embrace and a hard kiss.”

“We may be looking at America’s greatest serial rapist that ever got away with this for the longest amount of time,” she continued. “He got away with it because he was hiding behind the image of Cliff Huxtable.”

Kristina Ruehli, Bill Cosby

24. Kristina Ruehli

Date of Alleged Assault – 1965

Date of Accusation – Nov. 24, 2014

Kristina Ruehli is 71 right now. She was 22 in 1965, the year she alleges Cosby drugged her and began to sexually assault her while she was passed out.

“He must have drugged me. There is just one point at which I was having a drink and feeling normal and the next I was somehow passed out completely,” she told Philadelphia magazine in an interview published on Friday. “He must have slipped something into my drink. I woke up in the bed. I found myself on the bed, and he had his shirt off. He had unzipped his pants. I was just coming to. He was attempting to force me into oral sex. He had his hand on my head. He had his cock out, and he had my head pushed close enough to it — I just remember looking at his stomach hair. And the hair on his chest. I had never seen a black man naked before,” she continued.

“And it never went past that. I immediately came to and was immediately very sick. I pushed myself away and ran to the bathroom and threw up. I was feeling really ill. And I never got sick like that from alcohol, at least not that small of an amount.”

Ruehli said she didn’t speak of the incident for quite awhile because she was embarrassed, but she changed her mind when another accuser came forward.

“I didn’t want to bring it up. I was embarrassed,” she said. “When Andrea Constand brought her lawsuit against Cosby, I decided to come forward to her attorneys. I didn’t think I was damaged, so there wouldn’t be any lawsuit coming from me. I don’t need money or aggravation. I’m very wealthy, so I have nothing to gain. But I wanted to come forward to tell the truth to back up other people.”

25. Joyce Emmons

Date of Alleged Assault –  Early 1980s

Date of Accusation – Nov. 22, 2014

Joyce Emmons ran comedy clubs in the late 1970s and early ’80s and told TMZ Cosby once offered her a “white pill” to combat a migraine headache. She said she took it and then blacked out.

Emmons says she woke up hours later without any clothes on. She was in a bed next to one of Cosby’s friends, who had been hitting on her earlier in the night. Cosby allegedly laughed after she told him what happened, saying the pill was “just a quaalude.” Emmons said she never saw “The Cosby Show” star drink or do any drugs himself, but alleged that he kept a “drawer full” of pills for others.

Linda Joy Traitz

26. Linda Joy Traitz

Date of Alleged Assault – 1970s

Date of Accusation – Nov. 22, 2014

In a Facebook post,  Linda Joy Traitz claims Cosby offered her pills and “wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer” in 1970

The incident occurred in 1970 while she was 19 and employed at Cafe Figaro, a Los Angeles restaurant Cosby co-owned, she said. Traitz said Cosby offered him a ride home from work one evening and she accepted, but instead of driving her home he took her to the beach. “[He] opened a briefcase filled with assorted drugs and kept offering me pills ‘to relax,’ which I declined,” she wrote. “He began to get sexually aggressive and wouldn’t take ‘No’ for an answer. I freaked out and demanded to be taken home.”

“I never went after him for this and have no financial gain to put myself out there like this,”she added. “I’m 63 years old now and felt compelled to speak out.”

Angela Leslie

27. Angela Leslie

Date of Alleged Assault – 1992

Date of Accusation – Nov. 21, 2014

Actress Angela Leslie claims Cosby sexually assaulted her in 1992. She said she went to his house hoping to help her acting career, but was instead was greeted with a stiff drink.

“I couldn’t drink it,” she told the New York Daily News. “I tasted it and put it down. Then he asked me to go into the bathroom and wet my hair. . . . I walked back out, and he had removed his clothing and gotten into bed.” She said Cosby then began rubbing the actress, even pouring lotion into her hands. “With his hand on top of mine, he had me massage his penis,” she said.” He masturbated with my hand. I wasn’t pulling back. I was in shock.”

“I felt so used,” she continued. “I felt that he didn’t get what he wanted, and he threw me out. . . . He didn’t make me feel special in any way. He said, ‘Come here, put your hand here, do this.’”

Victoria Valentino

28. Victoria Valentino

Date of Alleged Assault – 1970

Date of Accusation – Nov. 21, 2014

Former Playboy Playmate Victoria Valentino said she and a female friend met Cosby for wine and steaks at a restaurant called Sneaky Pete’s in 1970. She claims the comedian gave her drugs while they were there. “He was trying to cheer me up, and he stuck a pill in my mouth,” Valentino told the Washington Post in a video published on Friday. “He said, ‘This will make us all feel better.’ ”

They took the pills and then headed back to the an apartment near the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood. Once there, she said she got nauseous while her friend passed out near Cosby, who she said had an erection.

“I reached out, grabbing him, trying to get his attention, trying to distract him,” she said. “He came over to me and sat down on the love seat and opened his fly and grabbed my head and pushed my head down. And then he turned me over. It was like a waking nightmare.” She said she protested, but he did not stop. Valentino said Cosby raped her and then left the scene. She never called the police because she feared they wouldn’t believe her: “What kind of credibility did I have? … In those days, it was always the rape victim who wound up being victimized. You didn’t want to go to the police.”

Carla Ferrigno, Lou Ferrigno

29. Carla Ferrigno

Date of Alleged Assault – 1967

Date of Accusation – Nov. 20, 2014

Carla Ferrigno, wife of “The Incredible Hulk” star Lou Ferrigno called a Los Angeles radio station on Thursday and spoke to “The John and Ken Show.” She claimed a man invited her to go on a double date with Cosby and his wife in 1967, but as the evening progressed the man disappeared and his wife went to bed and left them alone together. She said Cosby grabbed her, pushed himself against her and kissed her on the mouth. She said she pushed him away, but he didn’t let up.

“He came at me again and I just pushed and jumped and ran and I got out of his way and ran out of the hall and this guy was coming out of one of the rooms and I said I want to go home,” she said. “I never said a word to anybody in all these years. Five years ago I started hearing these stories come out, and I remember telling a girlfriend and she didn’t even believe me. It was so ridiculous to her.”

Cosby’s lawyer Marty Singer dismissed her allegations: “This continuation of a pattern of attacks on Mr. Cosby has entered the realm of the ridiculous, with a purported ‘forceful kiss’ at a party in 1967, nearly 50 years ago, being treated as a current ‘news story’ and grossly mischaracterized as ‘sexual assault.’ This is utter nonsense.”

Louisa Moritz, Danny Devito, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

30. Louisa Moritz

Date of Alleged Assault – 1971

Date of Accusation – Nov. 20, 2014

Actress Louisa Mortiz (“One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,” “Love American Style”) said Cosby confronted her in 1971 and forced his penis into her mouth shortly before appearing on “The Tonight Show.” “He took his hands and put them on the back of my head and forced his penis in my mouth, saying, ‘Have a taste of this,” she told TMZ. “It will do you good in so many ways.’”

When he walked out of the room she alleged he then said, “Now you don’t want to upset me and the plans for your future, do you?” Moritz, now 68, said she intends to file a civil lawsuit against Cosby.Cosby’s attorney responded to her claims: “We’ve reached a point of absurdity. The stories are getting more ridiculous… Mortiz is a lawyer who was disciplined by the California State Bar and ordered not to practice.”

Renita Chaney Hill

31. Renita Chaney Hill

Date of Alleged Assault – 1982

Date of Accusation – Nov. 20, 2014

Renita Chaney Hill appeared alongside Cosby during the 1980s in his “Picture Pages” educational videos. He had scouted her when she was just a 15-year-old model and aspiring actress.

Hill spoke to CBS’s Pittsburgh affiliate KDKA about the alleged attacks and told KDKA reporter Ralph Iannotti that Cosby flew her to various cities, including New York and Atlanta. She said she wouldn’t see him during the day, but would go to his hotel room at night. She claimed the comedian gave her drinks she now believes were drugged.

“One time, I remember just before I passed out, I remember him kissing and touching me and I remember the taste of his cigar on his breath, and I didn’t like it,” Hill told KDKA. “I remember another time when I woke up in my bed the next day and he was leaving. He mentioned ‘you should probably lose a little weight.’ I thought that odd, how would he know that?”

Hill said she can’t know for sure if she was raped because she was unconscious. “It just felt weird to me, and I remember being in high school saying to him, ‘I’ll come see you, but I don’t want to drink because it makes me feel funny,’” Hill said. “And he would tell me that if I didn’t drink, I couldn’t come see him.” Hill says she came forward after hearing Cosby’s attorney criticize the other women who have already done so, and she is unapologetic about waiting so long. “No one wants to be associated with something like this, but the bottom line for me is that no one has the right to violate someone else, no matter who they are,” she said. “I don’t care how big they are or how the community sees them, it’s not right.”

Michelle Hurd

32. Michelle Hurd

Date of Alleged Assault – mid 1990s

Date of Accusation – Nov. 20, 2014 

“Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” actress Michelle Hurd claimed Cosby touched her inappropriately in the mid-90s.

She said their relationship began innocently enough on the set of “The Cosby Show,” with the two of them sitting near each other at lunch. But Hurd said the dynamic soon changed. He did “weird acting exercises [where] he would move his hands up and down my body,” she wrote in a recent Facebook post. “I was instructed to never tell anyone what we did together,” she wrote. “I dodged the ultimate bullet with him when he asked me to come to his house, take a shower so we could blow dry my hair and see what it looked like straightened.”

Hurd declined, but according to her post a friend of hers, who she did not name, didn’t dodge the same bullet. “[The friend] awoke, after being drugged, vomited, and then Cosby told her there’s a cab waiting for you outside,” Hurd wrote.

Therese Serignese

33. Name – Therese Serignese

Date of Alleged Assault – 1976

Date of Accusation – Nov. 20, 2014 

Florida nurse Therese Serignese told multiple media outlets Cosby had drugged and raped her in 1976, when she was only 19.

“The next memory I have was I was in a bathroom and I was kind of bending forward and he was behind me having sex with me,” she said on Thursday. “I was just there, thinking ‘I’m on drugs, I’m drugged.’ I felt drugged and I was being raped and it was kind of surreal. My frame of mind was that it would be over soon and I could just get out of there.”

Serignese said she told her mother about being raped and drugged, but she says her mom advised her to reach back out to Cosby. She followed her mother’s advice, contacted the comedian and he put her up in the penthouse of a nearby Hilton hotel for about three weeks. Serignese claims all that changed when she had a pregnancy scare, which led to Cosby kicking her out.

She claims the two of them kept in touch for over 20 years, which included another sexual encounter around 1985. “I just tried to forget it. I tried to block it out,” she said. “It doesn’t go away but you can make it silent. You can bury it. But all of these times when this stuff comes up, it does make me angry.”

Janice Dickinson

34. Janice Dickinson

Date of Alleged Assault – 1982

Date of Accusation – Nov. 18, 2014 

Janice Dickinson, former “America’s Next Top Model” judge, claimed the comedian sexually assaulted her in 1982.

The now 59-year-old reality star said she was on a trip in Bali when Cosby contacted her and urged her to come to Lake Tahoe, where he was performing. According to Dickinson, the comedian then dangled the prospect of work in front to her. According to the former model and television personality, Cosby gave her wine and a pill, which caused her to pass out. However, Dickinson claims that she has a recollection of being sexually assaulted by Cosby.

“The next morning I woke up, and I wasn’t wearing my pajamas, and I remember before I passed out that I had been sexually assaulted by this man,” Dickinson claimed. “Before I woke up in the morning, the last thing I remember was Cosby in a patchwork robe, dropping his robe and getting on top of me. And I remember a lot of pain. The next morning I remember waking up with my pajamas off and there was semen in between my legs.”

Joan Tarshis on

35. Joan Tarshis

Date of Alleged Assault – 1969

Date of Accusation – Nov. 16, 2014 

Former actress, publicist and journalist Joan Tarshis published an essay on Sunday, Nov. 16 claiming Cosby had raped her twice in 1969. Tarshis then spoke with CNN’s Don Lemon on “CNN Tonight” and detailed the encounters, which occurred when she was a teenager and working alongside him. “He made me a drink … and very shortly after that, I passed out,” she told Lemon. “I woke up, or came to very groggily with him removing my underwear.”

Tarshis said has no direct memories of the second alleged rape, which she claimed took place after Cosby invited her to see a show. She claimed it happened after she was once again drugged by Cosby, writing in her initial essay, “I remember feeling very, very stoned and asking his chauffeur to take me back to the car. I was having trouble standing up. The next thing I remember was waking up in his bed back at the Sherry, naked.”

Tarshis told TheWrap she chose now to come forward in part because she wanted “to help the public understand that he’s not Mr. Clean,” and also “because of the other women who were courageous enough before me to venture out and say what was going on…  Every single person who he has allegedly raped has had the same exact pattern,” she continued. “A business connection and then being drugged and then being accosted while they were unconscious. And it’s just so bizarre that that’s his M.O. And everybody was the same age.”

Barbara Bowman

36. Barbara Bowman

Date of Alleged Assault – 1986

Date of Accusation – Nov. 13, 2014 

Actress Barbara Bowman wrote a Washington Post op-ed describing her alleged sexual assault at the hands of Cosby, which started in 1985 while she was a teenage actress starring in McDonald commercials.

“[He] brainwashed me into viewing him as a father figure, and then assaulted me multiple times,” she wrote. “In one case, I blacked out after having dinner and one glass of wine at his New York City brownstone, where he had offered to mentor me and discuss the entertainment industry. When I came to, I was in my panties and a man’s t-shirt, and Cosby was looming over me. I’m certain now that he drugged and raped me.”

“When I blacked out at Cosby’s home, there were several staffers with us,” she continued. “My agent, who introduced me to Cosby, had me take a pregnancy test when I returned from my last trip with him. Talent agents, hotel staff, personal assistants and others who knowingly made arrangements for Cosby’s criminal acts or overlooked them should be held equally accountable.”

“I have never received any money from Bill Cosby and have not asked for it,” Bowman added. “I have nothing to gain by continuing to speak out. He can no longer be charged for his crimes against me because the statute of limitations is long past. That is also wrong. There should be no time limits on reporting these crimes, and one of my goals is to call for legislation to that end.”

37. Beth Ferrier

Date of Alleged Assault – 1984

Date of Accusation – June 23, 2005 

Beth Ferrier, a former model, alleges her agency put her in touch with Cosby in 1984. She said she carried on a consensual sexual relationship, but after she ended it she claims he drugged her coffee before a performance in Denver.

“I woke up and I was in the back of my car all alone,” Ferrier told the Philadelphia Daily News. “My clothes were a mess. My bra was undone. My top was untucked. And I’m sitting there going, ‘Oh my God. Where am I?’ What’s going on? I was so out of it. It was just awful.” She initially filed court documents under the  pseudonym Jane Doe No. 5, but now she has gone public. “I want to support Andrea [Constand],” she said. “And I want to support Tamara. I want Bill Cosby to know I’m not afraid of him and that what he did to me was wrong.”

Tamara Green on Today

38. Tamara Green

Date of Alleged Assault – 1970s

Date of Accusation – Feb. 10, 2005 

Calif. lawyer Tamara Green was one of the first women to step forward and accuse the comedian of sexually assaulting her in the 1970s.

She appeared on “Today” in 2005 and shared her story with Matt Lauer. She said Cosby gave her drugs, drover her home and then raped her back in the 1970s. “I was almost unable to hold my head up. I was very, very, very stoned,” she said. “He took me into my apartment and then very helpfully and nicely was prepared to take off my clothes and help me into bed and pet me, and that’s how the actual assault began.”

“The center of my being understood that he had gone from helping me to groping me and kissing me and touching me and handling me and you know, taking off my clothes,” Green continued. She  eventually told him “if he didn’t kill me and he tried to rape me, it was going to go very badly.” After which she said he set two hundred dollar bills on her coffee table and then left her apartment.

“You feel no one will believe you,”she told Lauer after he asked why she waited to come forward with these allegations. “This is the great Bill Cosby.”

Andrea Constand

39. Andrea Constand

Date of Alleged Assault – 2004

Date of Accusation – 2004 

In 2004, Andrea Constand filed a lawsuit against Cosby for sexual assault. She claimed he drugged her in 2004 at his Penn. mansion.The legal documents filed claimed he “rubbed the woman’s breasts and genital areas and ‘digitally penetrated’ her, meaning with his finger,” according to ABC News.

Constand later reported the incident to the Durham, Ontario police, but charges were never fired. Bowman was asked to testify against the comedian, which she agreed to do but was unable to take the stand after the case was settled out of court. According to the Washington Post, Cosby has repeatedly denied Constand’s claims.

40. Lachele Covington

Date of Alleged Assault – 2000

Date of Accusation – March 2, 2000

Actress Lachele Covington filed a police report against Cosby in 2000, alleging the comedian “put her hand under his T-shirt and guided it south toward his sweatpants,” according to a report in the New York Post.

According to the same report, authorities never charged nor questioned Cosby because they “decided no crime had been committed because until the very moment Covington pulled her hand away, all actions had been consensual.”



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