Wordpess as a tool for research – NOT


This article is a long time coming, it is a brief statement to followers of my blog as to why I am leaving WordPress to setup my own offshore webserver and website.


Throughout the years I have attempted to share simple observations about the reality I live in. I have used Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and WordPress. I was forced off Facebook some years back, Youtube have deleted 9 accounts, Twitter around 7 accounts and now WordPress is making my life difficult.

I am starting to write documents while doing other things in the background. I am constantly finding images being deleted from my blog without any warning or instruction why. I am constantly having to hunt for images that have been deleted to be reuploaded.

Therefore it has come to the point that I can’t depend on third party Jewish websites to store information I have collected on serious subject matters.

I will be moving my research to a server that will be specifically dedicated to child abuse research and researchers which I can build to my own specification able to display content better than the current systems I am operating on.


Jewish websites are not out to make your job easy, years of time and energy has been wasted proving this fact to myself. Sadly money buys peoples allegiances, gone are the days where people did things for the love. Greed and selfishness prevails, it’s time for me to up my game my friends and use the training I have been given to automate my processes using computer science. I put it off and put it off for years, thinking that it didn’t bother me, but over years of being targeted by sneaky peoples, I realize I need to stop shouting and acting like a child and get serious in my approach. In simple terms, it’s time to stop pissing about and get scientific.


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